Tube Fittings(Forged Elbow, Tee)
Since 1989, our high quality products, competitive pricing
and technical support have made SamHo a leader in the
engineering and manufacture of hydraulic tube fittings,
adapters and Fluid connectors.

SamHo offers a complete line of SAE standard fitting styles as well as the industry's widest selection of
non-standard configurations.
Fitting styles include 37 flare, O-Ring Face Seal, NPTF
pipe, adapter union, and brazed tube fittings.

Straight Connectors
We also specialize in jump size and "special" fittings.
By maintaining a full line of machining capabilities, we
reduce lead times for the design and fabrication of fittings
adapted to your special needs.

SamHo utilizes the latest CAD, CNC and high-tech
manufacturing technologies to provide the highest quality
fittings at the most competitive price.

Brass Fittings
SamHo offer you in-time delivery & one-stop service
with guranteed quality at customer's request around world.